Our Mission

OCDC (Organization for Cultural Diversity in Chemistry) is a university recognized organization that was established in the spring of 2014 at Texas A&M University. The organization consists of grad students, undergrad students, and postdocs of all races and nationalities. We value diversity of thought, background, ethnicity, and perspective and seek to promote and maintain a healthy department climate.

The primary goal of our organization is to engage its members in activities that will help project a positive portrayal of underrepresented groups in the sciences, not only to prospective high school and college students, and the public at large, but also to the academic and scientific community to which we have access?

This organization will provide networking opportunities in both academia and industry by inviting well-known scientists, who belong to underrepresented groups, from across the country who are leaders in their fields in all divisions of chemistry and biochemistry. This year, we have funds for two speakers and plan to have eminent personalities fromacademia and industry to come visit with us. If you have anyone in mind and would like to be involved in this process, please make sure to drop by the meeting.

Upcoming Events

December 4, 2015, 4pm, CHEM 2122

Dr. Olafs Daugulis will be here to talk more about new organic methodology by applying organometallic chemistry to organic chemistry problem and share his personal stories.

For more information:

  • http://olafs.chem.uh.edu/index.html
  • http://chem.tamu.edu/

A reception will follow after the seminar. Come and enjoy the FREE FOOD~~~

December 5,2015 , Blocker Building

The Expanding Your Horizons (EYH), A 6th Grade Girls Conference will be taking place on Saturday, OCDC will be helping, come and have fun! Volunteers will be highly appreciated. Please sign up here.


If you want to participate in our activities or become part of OCDC, contact us at ocdc@chem.tamu.edu

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